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Written by James Deacon   
Monday, 18 August 2014 17:23


 Now.. last but definitely not least.. I have a surprise for you all. As some of you may know Megan and I are part of the World wide members society “WTHCWFADG’ (Where The Hell Can We Find A Decent Groom). In our recent search we have uncovered the following candidates, non smokers who smoke (weird), lyers who don’t lie (confusing), grooms who can ride, run stables who cant don’t and never have….. sigh… so our quest for a suitable groom was all but lost until… out of the dark misty haze of a Hahndorf winter evening a Facebook post was answered, I explain it (the way it really happened) Megan explains it with much less ‘enthusiasm’ .


2014 Mt Gambier horse trials PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Deacon   
Monday, 18 August 2014 17:19

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With the return of the 2nd half of the eventing season saw the return of some better weather. Mt Gambier really turned it on for us this weekend, sun was shining, organized dressage warm up ring with 4 dressage arenas going on at the same time. Everything ran on time today and what brilliant event to get another run under our horses legs. We had a few on board this trip (9 in total), Master and commander was to pilot 6 of the steeds with the ‘Supersuede’ taking the reigns of 2 and Enya (nick name to remain silent for now) was to round out the top 9! Megan had Jayay Dom Perignon in the pairs first 2* start in his lead up prep for the Adelaide 2*, an awesome little test was the result of some recent schooling adjustments and it truly showed. Megan was so happy with the Anglo Warmblood who tried his heart out to finish 2nd after dressage on a impressive 40. Next were the 1* ponies, Kirby Park Invader, Kirby Park Impress, Kirby Park Grand Impressions and Babbingtons revenge. We hoped for a little more from Kp Invader and Kp Impress, not that I wish to make any negative comment here however the scoring seemed a little off with one of the judges. Some quite large discrepancies between the 2 judges saw Candy in 2nd position and Freckles 6th, more disappointing for Freckles who handed in one of his best tests to date. Megan and KP Grand Impressions made their first appearance as an official couple in the 1* this weekend. The Australian Stock horse did very well and we could see a vast improvement over his previous tests. Here is a horse with a huge amount of potential and an owner who is so supportive in our quest to see just how far this talented horse can go. We expect big things from this combination and we were happy in his progress. The score was accurate as there are still some areas to work on but overall M and C was happy with his eagerness to please. Last of the KP horses ridden by Megan was Kirby Park Irish Poseidon, Henry has moved up to Pre-novice and passing in very consistent tests on a regular basis. Today he still did a good test but seemed a little tense. Megan piloted him around the arena and was able to keep him focused on the job at hand.

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Written by James Deacon   
Sunday, 15 June 2014 17:51

Grab a cuppa, sit in front of the fire as this one is going to take a while! Not too many laughs but just a recap of the start of the season.

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Written by Peter Jones   
Monday, 12 May 2014 09:32

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Grand Cru Photos (Megan and KP Associates) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Jones   
Monday, 05 May 2014 14:23

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Sydney CCI (WEG Selection Event) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Jones   
Friday, 25 April 2014 22:25

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Well, FLOWERVALE MASERATI (Zac) is leading the CCI *** after dressage and KIRBY PARK IMPRESS (Candy) is winning after dressage and show jumping in the CIC *. A great start but only the first day of course....


Candy wins the 1 Star after a double clear cross country!

Zac was clear on cross country jumping but had 10.8 time penalties which dropped him back to second.


Oops no Day 3. Zac pulled up sore sometime after cross country. The following morning Zac had improved but was still sore and, because the actual issue could not be determined, Megan decided to play safe and not to present Zac to the second horse inspection.

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