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Written by James Deacon   
Tuesday, 18 February 2014 07:53

South, Fly West.

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Good afternoon equestrian enthusiasts..!! how have we been? Well I hope..? I am writing after long last with news of our first entry into the 2014 Australian Eventing season. This year is going to be quite the season for the entire team at MJET, we have had a huge amount of changes to our staff list along with our team of horses so I will try and break some of it down. All our big guns are happy and healthy including Floyd, Zac (and my superstar FESTY!!) for these guys they have had a cruisy summer of jumping days down at Metro, dressage days at local comps and allot of pampering. Our new superwoman of the moment is our new Acupuncture specialist who has worked and is working wonders with our entire team (over 20 horses in work). With combined efforts from our Chiropractor James, our continued use of our Equissage and health light technology along with our tailored supplement and feed diets from Kentucky Equine Research and Barastoc we have never been happier with all the horses physical condition. The reason for me bringing this up is we have had some horses arrive who haven’t had much of this treatment before, some horses off the track, some from other places around oz. by slotting them into our usual routines they have just died and gone to heaven with all the treatment they receive here at MJET. I know many of you already do this but wow what a difference it makes to a horses physical and mental state..

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Written by Peter Jones   
Monday, 27 January 2014 11:41

Megan and James had a few friends over last night to help celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Things we going great until Megan hopped on her motor bike to turn on a water pump to fill the water jump ready for cross country schooling. It was night and James took his bike to light the way. When they came back Izzy was very insistent that she wanted to have a go out on the motor bike as well - two problems immediately became apparent - Izzy couldn't ride a motor bike and, at the time, couldn't even walk in a straight line. After quite a while being very insistent (as Izzy can be) James said ok but you have to wear the full motor-cross kit and he bought out his bag of gear. Izzy, Ellie and Enya (who by now also wanted to have a go but they also couldn't ride a bike or walk a straight line). The girls finally got into the gear and tried to get on the bikes which kept falling over due to their extreme lack of balance. Try as they may they couldn't start the bikes (which James had disabled) and finally they gave up. By this time Izzy was really fed up and decided to head-butt Ellie and then it was on...

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Written by Peter Jones   
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 15:45

We had a special trial ride today - tennis greats Martina Hingis and Martina Navratilova. Both are here to take part in the Adelaide World Tennis Challenge and decided they would like to see a bit of Hahndorf from horse back.

Martina H is an experienced rider and show jumper so Megan thought Jester was the best person to look after her - which he did in style!

They both had a terrific ride and loved Kirby Park.

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Written by Megan Jones   
Friday, 03 January 2014 17:20

James is getting a huge number of enquiries for his Logan Floats and to help answer questions and wet the appertite of potential customers we have had a photo shoot using a number of the floats that arrived just before Christmas (eight container loads!). Click on full size image option to see high definition photos

If you want more information on the range of available custom options and prices please give James a call on 0438 850 440. I've gotta say my new four horse angle load, which many of you have already seen, is simply awsome!

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Written by James Deacon   
Saturday, 07 December 2013 07:55


Lakes and Craters part Deux..


The weather finally received the Memo…. Gone was the Grey sky, rain and hail from Thursday and the sun was out to stay on Friday and Saturday. The wet rugs, saddles, horses and riders we thawed and dried to commence the official start of the 2013 Lakes and Craters 3de. The wash up from the dressage was as follows Kirby Park Invader sitting in 5th position on 48 penalties, Kirby Park Irish Stout was in 12th position  on 59 penalties but with only a handful of points separating his place and 7 others. As both Horses have had some impressive runs leading up to Camperdown we were confident they could move up the ranks going into CC phase. Our fellow South Australians were doing well in their respective classes also, Miss Jamie Stichel was winning her 3* class after dressage and was keen to take home a win at the end of the season.

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Written by James Deacon   
Thursday, 05 December 2013 20:50


Lakes and Craters 2013 3DE


            A little update for all.. we arrived safe and sound with the car and float from Hahndorf. On board we had Kirby Park Invader, Kirby Park Irish Stout and Kirby Park Poseidon all keen to finish the year with strong results in their respective classes.  We had been checking the weather report and had prepared for the worst however on the drive over we had not had a drop of rain……? The reason for this is God was clearly saving this for a Thursday of hell!!! Rain it did…. The heavens opened and it made us realize just how small we really are in this world.. the wind had held off for most of the day but it picked up just before the Pre-Novice tests began. The rain continued to come down just as much as the temperature did (I think 8.5 degrees was the coolest for the day). Kirby Park Invader was 3rd in his class, we all know this isn’t the best result in any draw but it is what it is.. With the flapping sun shades, howling winds and killer flower pots ‘Freckles’ passed in a pretty tidy little test. Keeping in mind it is only the 3rd Pre-novice start for our promising 5 year old he did very well. A small hiccup in a trot circle was noticed by the judges, however Freckles is so flash he still managed to finish in 3rd place…. GO FRECKLES!!!


Kirby Park Irish Stout and Kirby Park Poseidon are out next tomorrow so I shall update you all on our progress. For now we are signing off… wet, cold and miserable… (Russels included).


A note for everyone who is coming to Camperdown.. the place looks amazing!! Grounds are fabulous, the dressage arenas were pinned down so even with all the wind no arenas blew down.. Very much looking forward to walking the CC course tomorrow and reporting back..  Best Lakes and Craters yet!!! Well done organizing committee!!


Until tomorrow….

Megan, James, and Ricki and Bobbi! 

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